Talk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Feb 24, 2014

Hi giving a talk in KL on SU and the GIC Malaysia competition. Message me for a password invite as its an invitation only talk at MindValley.

Info: Radical Technologies That Are Changing the Future of Humanity – What I Learned at Singularity University” by Dr. Clarence Tan
Time: February 25, 2014 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm 
Location: Mindvalley’s Hall of Awesomeness, Menara UOA, Bangsar

Visit to KL – April 2013 – Talk on Singularity University this Saturday, April 6, 10 am at Mind Valley, Bangsar

Hi All, a mixed trip to Malaysia. Great to be back home, fantastic to connect with so many new inspiring network of friends. Sad to say farewell to my favourite and last surviving aunt. Enjoyed the discussions I had from the talks I gave at EduCamp and Rotary Subang on Singularity University and Exponential Technologies. Looking forward to doing an encore at Mind Valley tomorrow morning at 10 am before I leave KL next week, Details here:

    • Mindvalley @ 29th Floor Menara Uoa Bangsar, 5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, Taman Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

      If you had 1 billion dollars, what would you do to impact the lives of a billion people in 3 years?

      Singularity University believes in the power of 10^9+. What’s that? The power of exponential impact- by utilizing disruptive and accelerating technologies to solve humanity’s hardest problems.

      Last year, they brought together a class of 80 gamechangers already at the top of their field and challenged them to work together in 10 weeks to come up with interdisciplinary solutions like never before. FutureMed, security systems, education, film- you name it, they’ve got it.

      One high performing individual that graduated from SU was our very own Dr. Clarence Tan and his mission is to give back what he’s been given.

      As an ambassador for Singularity University and Adjunct Professor of Griffith University, he will be here to talk about Singularity University and the impact of Exponential Technologies to Industries and to host a discussion afterwards.

      Prepare to be mind-blown. 😉

      Trailer video here >


      1. Google Maps >
      2. If you’re using LRT, Bangsar LRT sorta shares the same building with Menara UOA.
      3. If driving, you can park at an open space near Menara UOA (RM3 per entry)
      4. Enter the left lobby from the main entrance and register with your IC.
      5. Take the lifts in “High Tower” to the 29TH FLOOR

      PS- this event is open to anyone looking to learn something new. 🙂 Orrr if you think you can be the next Malaysian admitted into their Graduate Programme or know someone at the top of their field who fits the bill? COME LAH~

Event Details | Australian Computer Society

Giving a talk on Singularity University and EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES AND ITS IMPACT ON INDUSTRY in Brisbane on Oct 30, 2012 530 for 6 pm at HopgoodGanim Lawyers Level 7, Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane.

Free registration at Event Details | Australian Computer Society.


About this Event
HopgoodGanim Lawyers Level 7, Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street Brisbane
Tuesday 30th October 2012
5:30pm for 6.00pm start
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Event Type: Branch Forum
Presenter: Dr Clarence Tan
CP Hours: 2
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This event is not suitable for PYP Students.
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Colleen Garard
Level 7, 333 Adelaide Street,
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Singularity University was established 3 years ago as a non-profit University based in NASA Ames research Park in Silicon Valley sponsored by the likes of Google, Nokia, Cisco, Autodeck, Kauffman Foundation and ePlanet.  Every year SU selects 80 people from around the world to attend its prestigious Graduate Studies Program which runs for 10 weeks.  The mission of SU is to assemble educate and inspire a new generation of leaders who strive to understand and utilize exponentially advancing technology to address humanityis grand challenges.
Dr Clarence Tan is a graduate of the 2011 program at Singularity University and the team leader for a project in the security area to shine a light on the problem of corruption using crowd sourcing technologies.  He will speak about his GSP experience, the meeting with luminaries like Steve Wozniak, Chris Anderson and the various site visits including Google, Facebook, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and NASA.  More importantly his presetantion will focus on the expontential technologies that are happening now and how they will impact industries. Dr Tan has just returned from his visit this year to SU.
Hosted by HopgoodGanim Lawyers



Dr Clarence Tan 

Clarence Tan is the founder of Bond Wireless an Australian based award winning wireless software applications and services company. Dr Tan obtained his PH.D. from Bond University and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, where he went on to complete a Master of Business Administration (Finance) and Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Dr Tan was selected as one of the 80 individuals from 35 countries  for the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program in 2011 at NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley. He was also the recipient of the Queensland Government prestigious Entrepreneur in Residence Fellowship in 2012 at Bond University.  He is Adjunct Professor at Bond University and Griffith University.
Dr Tan is a Fellow of the ACS and Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australiasia. He has over 45 publications, including a book.  In addition he holds two patents in mobility technology.