Solar highways. [VIDEO]

Thanks to my mate Keith Mitchell, interesting solution to energy and transportation!

Solar highways. [VIDEO].


2 thoughts on “Solar highways. [VIDEO]

  1. If you have a hybrid vehicle, you’re already on the road to being green. Hybrid and electric cars are the first step in the reduction of our reliance on fossil fuels. Your hybrid has two engines: one that uses electricity for energy and the other which burns gas. If you choose to drive your hybrid cross-country, consider how often the gas engine will kick in en route to your final moving destination.Most hybrids work on a principle called ” regenerative braking ,” which converts the energy of the car slowing down into electrical energy that charges the batteries. Thus, a cross-country trip in a hybrid car (where you are at freeway speed and rarely braking) could result in the gasoline engine running nearly as much as that of an all-gas car. Until more efficient and affordable all-electrical vehicles and conversion kits are readily available, or we make the move to green mass transit systems , this is something that eco-friendly car owners have to deal with.

    • If you have a full electric car like the Nissan Leaf and charge it via your solar panels, then you could be completely off the grid and dependence on the energy companies!

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